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Capacete Marmolada EASSUN


Capacete Marmolada EASSUN

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Cycling Marmolada EASSUN Helmet, Ultra-Light-Weight, Ventilated and Low-Volume.

Marmolada EASSUN helmet is ultra-light-weight and it only weights 211 grams. Its in-mould technology design helps to achieve a low volume, while it counts with a ventilation system to aid 22 vents inside the helmet. Its use is for cycling, including road and Mountain Bike (MTB) modality.  

Ultra-light-weight helmet low-volume with a ventilation system for cycling

This product is ultra-light-weight and it only weights 211 grams.

Its design has a small volume which aids constant ventilation.

Ideal for cycling, Mountain Bike (MTB) or road cycling.

Ultra-light-weight helmet to optimize your comfort

Achieving maximum comfort when using this product is directly related to its lightness, which is a determining factor.

This helmet only weights 211 grams.

This particularity will help you to obtain a continuous maximum comfort feeling while cycling.

Helmet with built-it ventilation system

This design is created with the aim of frequently air the helmet.

Marmolada EASSUN helmet maximizes the aerodynamics, because the airflow on the surface is extended due to the 22 airs all over the helmet.

Low volume and resistant helmet

The dimensions of these types of products are important to feel security and avoid annoyance.

That is why this helmet has a reduced size, because we are looking for lightness.

Although its small size, it continues being a secure mechanism for you in case of falling or a hard blow, because the materials used are strong.

Choose your favourite combination

EASSUN offers three different combinations to decorate the model. From now on, choose the one that meet your style preferences:

  • BSM01/BSL01: White and red combination.
  • BSM02/BSL02: Black is the prevailing color with White, which appears in lower intensity.
  • BSM03/BSL03: The principal color is black but there are some parts decorated with yellow fluor.

Product features

Check the most technical features of the product:

  • A very light-weight design of only 211 grams.
  • Polystyrene and polycarbonate are the materials used for this helmet.
  • There are different sizes: S-M (55-58 cm) and L-XL (58-61 cm).

In-mould technology used in the design

This feature is a technique which consists in reaching the maximum standardization of the materials used for this product. This eases resistance.

Resistant helmet to maximize your comfort

Marmolada EASSUN helmet is available in different colors, depending on the tonalities which attract you the most, from the most elegant to the flashiest. Its current trend appearance, lightness and pleasant feel will totally seduce you, as you will safely and comfortably protect your head. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite reference and start sharing adventures with Marmolada EASSUN helmet.

Détails de l'article

Statut : Nouveau
Marque : EASSUN
Modèle : Marmolada
type de produit: Equipment
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Capacete Marmolada EASSUN