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Lentes Mortirolo EASSUN


Lentes Mortirolo EASSUN

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Mortirolo EASSUN Spare Parts, Photochromic CAT 1-2, Anti-Fog and Water Repellent.

The Mortirolo EASSUN replacement lens is photochromic category 1-2, adjusting to the existing brightness of each specific open space. Its design makes it an anti-fog cycling sunglasses, as it prevents fogging on the inside. At the same time, it is water-repellent, as the drops slide off its surface.

CAT 1-2 photochromic, anti-fog and water repellent replacement lens.

The Mortirolo EASSUN cycling sunglasses is made of a single large photochromic category 1-2 lens.

In addition, a very interesting feature is its ability to obstruct the formation of mist inside.

Another particularity to take into account is its ability to repel water.

CAT 1-2 photochromic replacement lens

By incorporating a large photochromic lens, when manufacturing this article, it favours the achievement of a greater adaptation to the ambient luminosity that exists in outdoor environments.

That is to say, this type of lenses darken when the sun shines on them, while, when the sun stops shining on them, they become lighter until they reach a tone very close to transparent.

In this sense, this model belongs to category 1-2. It also helps to reduce eye fatigue, because your vision will not suffer from drastic changes in light.

Anti-fog lens

As a result of the design used, a constant ventilation system is generated, which gives you an undeniable sense of well-being.

This feature is developed thanks to the air flow that runs along the entire length of the lens.

This limits fogging, so you won't have to interrupt your cycling activity repeatedly because your cycling goggles have fogged up.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

This unique feature consists in the disposition of this article to slide those drops of water that fall in its area without causing you any discomfort.

In short, you will avoid unpleasant moments, which will optimise your comfort to the maximum.

Détails de l'article

Statut : Nouveau
Marque : EASSUN
Modèle : Mortirolo
type de produit: Equipment
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Lentes Mortirolo EASSUN