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Óculos de Ciclismo Epic EASSUN


Óculos de Ciclismo Epic EASSUN

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Mountain Bike Epic EASSUN Sunglasses, CAT 3 Solar Lenses with Airflow Ventilation System.

Light-weight Epic EASSUN sunglasses are created with two big solar lenses, water repellent, a particular frame and AirFlow® technology, a ventilation system to avoid steam. Ideal sunglasses for Mountain Bike where the spoiler contributes for a perfect eyes protection in case of falling.

CAT 3 solar lenses with AirFlow® technology for Mountain Bike

Epic sunglasses have two perfect sized solar lenses ready to be used during high luminosity situations.

They use a ventilation system to avoid fogging inside the lenses.

These sunglasses are perfect for Mountain Bike due to their design made for making you feel comfortable.

AirFlow® technology

The design provides a ventilation system to the big lenses.

Your vision won’t be affected because the airflow takes place on the lenses surface and avoids stem.

Forget about stopping your activity because of the stem on your sunglasses.

CAT 3 solar lenses

Solar lenses are classified from 0 to 4 according to the quantity of visible light absorption.

Ultra-light-weight Epic EASSUN belong to the third group.

These sunglasses regulate luminosity in extremely sunny places as well as places with reflected light in water or snow.

Ton of colored sunglasses

CAT 3 solar Epic are divided in:

  • 73202: Black frame with two blue lenses.
  • 73204: Two red lenses with a red and black spoiler.
  • 73205: Red lenses with black and white frame.
  • 73206: Upper yellow fluor and lower black spoiler combined with red lenses.
  • 73208: Designed with a graphite grey frame and green lenses.

Product features

Check important technical particularities:

  • These polycarbonate big lenses belong to the third category avoiding fogging and water.
  • These sunglasses have two lenses, an inside spoiler and a Grilamid® frame.
  • Ultra-light-weight Epic EASSUN of only 30 grams.

Inner spoiler

The frame offers the best protection to your eyes because of its design created to buffer in any fall situation.

Big lenses

Big sized lenses allow you to have a panoramic vision as well as eyes protection from sunbeam. Water repellent and anti-fog lenses provide quality to achieve the quality you are looking for.

Exclusive sunglasses for you

Multiple color options will meet your needs between different Epic models, as you can find from the most elegant to shiny and multi-color lenses. Enjoy the bond between the lenses and you, Epic are the best adventure’s partner.

Détails de l'article

Statut : Nouveau
Marque : EASSUN
Modèle : Epic
type de produit: Equipment
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Óculos de Ciclismo Epic EASSUN