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Óculos de Ciclismo Veleta EASSUN


Óculos de Ciclismo Veleta EASSUN

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la description

Cycling Sunglasses Veleta EASSUN, CAT 2 Solar Lens, Adjustable with Ventilation System.

Veleta EASSUN sunglasses stand out for the big panoramic lens which is water repellent and belongs to CAT 2 of solar lenses. Nose bridge adaptable to all kind of face and ventilation system help to combat fogging. The lack of spoiler makes these glasses ultra-light-weight due to their 32 grams. Ideal for everybody who loves cycling.

CAT 2 solar lens with adaptable nose bridge and Airflow technology.

This product belongs to category 2 of solar glass and the nose bridge can adapt perfectly to all physical characteristics.

Furthermore, this accessory avoids fogging because of its ventilation system.

Considering all their particularities, it is highly recommended for cycling.

CAT 2 solar lens

Solar lenses, elaborated for this type of items, are divided into different groups, from 0 to 4, depending on light absorption capacity on each lens.

This model collects all category 2 conditions because of its light absorption between the 57% and the 81%.

Therefore, these sunglasses are ideal for all intermediate light situations.

Maximum comfort adaptable nose bridge

This accessory has an adaptable nose bridge, fitting all face dimensions.

These features have a relevant role when it comes to reach wellness due to the remarkable quality of the product.

Airflow technology

Fog formation is one of the principal setbacks of this items.

With the aim of avoiding this problem, Veleta EASSUN uses a ventilation system to combat fogging. They are anti-fog cycling sunglasses.

You won’t have to worry anymore for this situation, which sometimes may cause you have to interrupt your activity.

Discover possible combinations available

This model has five different combinations, take a look to the chromatic options and choose the one which fits you better.

  • 48000: Matte black frame and REVO red lens.
  • 48001: Silver glass combined with matte black frame.
  • 48002: Selected colors for the frame and lens. are matte black and REVO blue
  • 48003: REVO red decorates the glass and matte white, the frame.
  • 48004: Brown lens and matte white frame.

Product features

Check other technical features:

  • The lens is water repellent, anti-fog and belongs to CAT 2 of solar lenses, made with polycarbonate.
  • Moreover, the frame is extracted from Grilamid®.
  • We are talking about light-weight sunglasses due to its 32 grams.

Big panoramic lens

Big and cylinder lens design helps to improve the field of view with a panoramic vision in comparison to similar accessories.

Ultra-light-weight sunglasses without upper or down spoiler.

One of the flashiest aspects is upper and lower spoiler absence. This fact contributes to have better view and lightness because of their 32 grams. EASSUN supports an extended mixed range perfectly adapted to all needs. Veleta EASSUN cycling sunglasses also stand out for their touch to attract you and to create incomparable experiences.

Détails de l'article

Statut : Nouveau
Marque : EASSUN
Modèle : Veleta
type de produit: Equipment
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Óculos de Ciclismo Veleta EASSUN