Bkool - the most advanced bicycle trainer and cycling simulator on the market.

Riding at home can now feel the same as riding outside on the roads but without the dangers such as traffic and bad road surfaces. The most advanced bicycle trainer that can be connected to any bicycle and transform the way you train whilst taking you around the world.

Cycle with friends in real time on the same route, no matter in where they are in the world. Create and participate in teams, leagues and start climbing the rankings. With Bkool, you can compete against real cyclists, virtual computers or both together.

With more than 900,000 routes available and more being added daily you'll never have to ride the same route twice! Select any route in the world and experience it with Bkool 3D World. We can create your route in 3D meaning that not only can you get a great workout, you can also enjoy riding through the virtual world looking at the views and taking on your rivals!

Bkool is the only simulator with Bkool 3D World and RealWeather. Other cycling simulators offer routes in 3D, however they are limited in numbers. If you can’t find your preferred route in 3D, Bkool will generate it for you! The simulator checks the terrain on the chosen route and can transmit this information to the rider through the trainer by adding more resistance when riding uphill, less resistance when riding downhill and can also simulate inertia.

Bkool is cross-platform. For PC, Mac and Tablets (Android and IOS).
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Bkool Smart Air
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