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Kinetic is a division of Kurt Manufacturing, a manufacturing company providing highest quality precision engineered parts to the aviation, automotive and computer chip industries. Kinetic designs, manufactures and distributes the world’s only leak-proof cycling trainer with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Kinetic trainers provide the most realistic ride experience currently available from a trainer today.
Kinetic Road Machine - It’s the perfect workout partner for sprints to intervals to all-day cruising. Quiet. Smooth. And like every Kinetic Trainer, 100% leak-proof. The power calibration gives you true outdoor simulation. The automatic resistance adjusts as you change speeds. Realism as only Kinetic can deliver it.

Kinetic Rock And Roll - Takes realism and your workout to a whole new level with the only trainer that delivers natural side-to-side motion. With this unique, lateral motion, core muscles are engaged to maintain balance.

Kinetic Magnetic Trainer - This new trainer is our first featuring magnetic resistance with a handlebar-mounted index shifter. The Kinetic Magnetic trainer has the same solid frame and 6-lb. flywheel found on the Road Machine for quality and reliability.

Kurt Kinetic Cyclone: Wind resistance at its finest. Dual fan design offers truer, road-like resistance and lasting durability. The only wind resistance trainer that provides coast-down simulation, speed-sensitive resistance and its precision machined roller to reduce tire wear. It’s the ideal choice for the casual rider who demands more.

Kinetic Wired Power Computer

Kinetic Cycling Apparel

Additional Accessories including: riser rings, trainer tires, 12-lb. Pro Flywheel and trainer mats
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