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Commencal FRS OHLINS Edition

Commencal: "Designing this FRS was not so easy. It is seemingly simple, yet it is a melting pot of technology, which draws on our experience from...

VR46 E-MTB Pro - Take Up the Challenge

Take up the challenge. The VR|46 E-MTB PRO is a full suspension enduro e-bike fitted with high-end components and offers smooth pedalling and excellen...

New MMR Adrenaline Aero 2022

Completely redesigned to be more attractive, aerodynamic and efficient, the new Adrenaline Aero has born to race at the highest level. Faster, stiffer...

2022 Chase Element Complete Bike Preview!

Chase Bicycles: "The 2022 Chase Element is the ultimate complete BMX race bike ever offered! For the 2022 Chase Element, we exceeded even our own expe...

Os Melhores Distritos de Portugal Para Ciclistas

Os dias frios chegaram, mas nem por isso a vontade de sair para uma escapadinha de duas rodas desanima. O ímpeto segue idêntico: ar puro,...

Felix Burke's 2022 Element

Felix Burke has ridden on the Rocky Mountain XC race program for 5 years, specializing in endurance and adventure events. “The Element gives me a lot...


(Usada) Bicicleta BTT Focus Raven Max 29er L

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  • MTB
2.399,00 €


(Usada) Bicicleta BTT Ice MT10 2021 29er L

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  • MTB
1.100,00 €


(Usado) Rolo de Treino Elite Drivo Power Meter

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  • Trainers
599,00 €