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Lentes X-Light EASSUN


Lentes X-Light EASSUN

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X-Light EASSUN Spare Parts, Clear, Ultralight and Water Repellent.

The X-Light EASSUN replacement lens is clear, making it ideal for environments where brightness is lower. Also, this item is ultra-lightweight, making it the second lightest sports sunglasses in the world with a net weight of 16 grams. Finally, this lens is water-repellent, as the droplets slide off its extension.

Clear, ultra-light, water-repellent replacement lens

The X-Light EASSUN uses a single clear lens which is effective for moments of low light.

In addition, their extreme lightness maximises your comfort by giving the sensation that you are not wearing sports sunglasses.

Another interesting feature of this product is its ability to repel water without any problem.

Clear replacement lenses

Nowadays, there is a classification that separates these types of articles into groups ranging from 0 to 4, according to the percentage of visible light absorption of each lens.

In this sense, being transparent, it is better suited to those situations in which the luminosity is dimmer.

Ultra-light lens

Their design makes them the second lightest sports sunglasses in the world.

Thus, the X-Light EASSUN has a net weight of 16 grams.

In this way, this uniqueness allows the acquisition of an incomparable comfort when using this model.

Water-repellent glass for maximum comfort

It is worth noting the importance of this feature, as any drops of water will slide off its surface without causing you any major inconvenience.

This way, you will be able to achieve excellent comfort when wearing any of the available models.

Detalhes do Artigo

Estado : Novo
Marca : EASSUN
Modelo : X-Light
Tipo de produto: Equipamento
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Lentes X-Light EASSUN